Objectives of Yale Clinical Scholar Community-Partnered Research Projects

  • Help Scholars understand health and potential interventions from a community/consumer perspective
  • Provide opportunities for Scholars to develop skills in working collaboratively when addressing health issues
  • Provide opportunity for Scholars to apply quantitative and qualitative research skills to the benefit of New Haven
  • Help community partners understand and use research skills to advance their own missions
  • Experience the translation of research into action. Instill in Scholars a sense of responsibility to the communities in which they work
  • Take the skills developed through the community project to other settings in which the Scholars may practice in the future

Anticipated Outcomes of the Community Research Experience

  • Education and training in community-based and collaborative research that will have transferability to other settings
  • Strengthening relationships in New Haven for the benefit of community-based projects of current and future Scholars
  • Advancing knowledge on community research experiences in a scholarly manuscript
  • Creating community products for the benefit of the New Haven community and others. Examples include: a report of community leaders' perspectives on the use of data to improve health, a Photovoice exhibit of the roots and effects of violence by New Haven youth, and a survey about teenage pregnancy for students in New Haven

Structures to Support Scholars and their Partners in CBPR Projects

  • A curriculum that leads Scholars through principles and processes of CBPR
  • A range of faculty who has conducted CBPR projects in New Haven and elsewhere including some community partners
  • An orientation to New Haven including meeting key community and health leaders and neighborhood walking tours led by neighborhood leaders
  • Clear project guidelines and timeframes
  • Dedicated CBPR faculty and mentors
  • Steering Committee on Community Projects comprised of community leaders and Yale researchers working in New Haven
  • Assistance in forming small project specific work groups to guide projects
  • Hands on workshops with Program CBPR faculty in project development
  • Funds made available through the School of Medicine to support community partnered projects